Practice Reading Comprehension by Creating Art

What started out as a group of fun art lessons has grown and expanded into a reading comprehension program that can be used with new readers, struggling readers or readers who just want a fun way practice reading comprehension skills. Since the skills are taught through art, the lessons are in no way “babyish.” Science and geography Lesson Starters can be adapted to be used with any grade level.

Animals of the World is an 8 unit program that allows students to practice reading comprehension skills through art.


Because ART is fun!

  • The lessons are being created using the concepts from the the book Using Art to Teach Reading Comprehension Strategies: Lesson Plans for Teachers by Jennifer Klein and Elizabeth Stuart. These are not the lessons from the book, but complete lesson plans based on the theme Animals of the World and they are only available through The Art Cart – Mobile Art Studio LLC.
  • The strategies are taught in progressive order starting in Unit 1 – North American Animals and continue through out the 8 units.
  • After learning comprehension skills in a visual way through art, each unit offers a read aloud opportunity to practice these skills with text. There is also a list of A Few More Books, to offer even more opportunities to practice these skills.
  • Lesson Starters are included for science and geography with each unit.
  • The Fun Facts and engaging Video Art Lessons peak children’s curiosity to find out more about the animals and the habitats, featured in the program.
  • Since each unit is based on one of the seven continents or the world’s oceans, students can virtually travel to explore the world, learning about different countries and cultures.
  • Each unit offers 4 Video Art Lessons, in the style of the featured artist. The elements of art are taught in the process. An additional presentation on The Vocabulary of Art is included as well.
  • All of the lessons are presented in an easy to use, slide presentation format, guiding learning from lesson to lesson.
  • As this is a BRAND NEW PROGRAM, the units will be released a month at a time on the following schedule:
    • September 2020- Unit 1 Animals of North America (Making Connecting)
    • October 2020 – Unit 2 Animals of South America (Questioning)
    • November/December 2020-Unit 3 Animals of Europe (Visualizing)
    • January 2021 – Unit 4 Animals of Antarctica (Inferring)
    • February 2021- Unit 5 Animals of Asia (Determining Importance)
    • March/April 2021 – Unit 6 Animals of Africa (Synthesizing)
    • May 2021 – Unit 7 Animals of Australia (More Practice)
    • June 2021 – Unit 8 Animals of the World’s Oceans (More Practice)
  • Once a unit is released, it can be purchased at any time. It is suggested that all students begin at Unit 1 as the reading skills are taught in progressive order.

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Published by Stephanie Cox

Stephanie Cox is the owner and art educator for The Art Cart - Mobile Art Studio. She is licensed to teach art K-12 in both CA and VA. She has 25 years of teaching experience (Preschool through 8th grade) and loves working with children. She is also the mother of two boys and two girls from age 9 to 18 and the Art Educator for Prince William Academy in Woodbridge.

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