FREE Kwanzaa Video Art Lesson

Kwanzaa is a special holiday where African-Americans remember and celebrate their African Heritage. The holiday is full of symbols and meaning. It starts of Dec. 26 and is celebrated for 7 days. Whether you will be celebrating Kwanzaa with your family this year or you would just like to learn more about this holiday, here is a simple art project for children of all ages to get you started. There are many books about Kwanzaa. Below are links to two books that have read-alouds on You-Tube. Enjoy!

Seven Kwanzaa Candles (This has lots of facts about the meaning of the holiday.) Kevin’s Kwanzaa (This has a more simplified explanation.)

Published by Stephanie Cox

Stephanie Cox is the owner and art educator for The Art Cart - Mobile Art Studio. She is licensed to teach art K-12 in both CA and VA. She has 25 years of teaching experience (Preschool through 8th grade) and loves working with children. She is also the mother of two boys and two girls from age 9 to 18 and the Art Educator for Prince William Academy in Woodbridge.

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